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Hey there, adventurous lovebirds! Are you dreaming of an intimate and unforgettable elopement? Look no further than the beautiful Bluegrass State of Kentucky! I know what you’re thinking, Kentucky?? Trust me, as your go-to elopement and wedding photographer, I’ve scoured the hidden corners of this magical land to bring you the Top 10 Unique Elopement […]

Wanderlust Worthy: Top 10 Enchanting Elopement Destinations in Kentucky!

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Hello, wonderful engaged couples out there! As you embark on this magical journey towards your engagement session, I’m here to guide you with five essential steps to prepare, whether you choose to work with me, Kenna Marie, or any other talented photographer. These steps will ensure you have a fantastic and enjoyable experience, capturing the […]

5 way to prepare for your engagement photography session

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