Grafting your life to another human being is the beginning of an incredible adventure and you deserve to relive the feeling of every inestimable moment. I want to walk alongside you as you cast off the obligation and pressure of the traditional and step into something unforgettable!

Documenting beauty of each moment unhindered

Your story is already my favorite

Your hand in mine...

Relive The Feeling of Every Moment

Just consider me a

My method is to foster a candid and relaxed atmosphere that encourages the nuance and intimacy of your love to dictate every frame--be silly, cuddle, or makeout! Just consider me a third wheel as you fall into the effortless comfortability of one another.

third wheel

Extraordinary things deserve to be documented in extraordinary ways, and your love is extraordinary! As a Kentucky elopement and wedding photographer, my sole purpose is to preserve the beauty of human love and connection through timeless imagery. I want to create with you to ensure intention in every composition. You deserve to have that captured.

Intention in every composition

It's your story, I want to help tell it

Hi Friend,
I'm Kenna

Whether you have an adventurous spirit or a more laidback one, if you are crazy about each other and love raw, authentic moments, then I know we’ll make a great team! 

Your Kentucky Elopement and Wedding Photographer! 

joys of human love and connection

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