Should I do a first look?

I get asked this A LOT by my couples. Just remember, there is no right or wrong answer to this! You do what you both feel works for you and fits you best. Here is my take on a First Look and why I actually encourage it! 

What is with the tradition of not seeing each other anyways?

First, why is not seeing the bride before the wedding day a thing in the first place? It may not be what you think! I always thought it was just to be a surprise and to get a sweet reaction from the groom. ACTUALLY, it was a tradition that emerged when arranged marriages were a popular thing. This was a tradition to make sure that the wedding would go through regardless of what the groom thought of the bride’s appearance! Okay, now that you know the history of the tradition, here is my opinion on why you may want to skip it on your wedding day.

Get all the nerves out!

EVERYONE gets nervous on their wedding day and what better way to get the nerves out then to see each-other. This allows you to take the pressure off, spend time together and remember why you are even getting married! What better way to start off your marriage. This also will not take away from the special moment of walking down the aisle, if anything it will make it even better!

Allows you to spend quality time together

Your wedding day is going to fly by. I don’t mean to say that to discourage you, but more to remind you of why you need this time together. This may be the ONLY quality time you get together the entire day. Your wedding day is and should be all about you both. This is the perfect way to come together, talk about the morning, talk about how excited you are, pray together, laugh, kiss + get awesome pictures together before the craziness starts!

It may be the most memorable part of your wedding day

Just imagine, walking up your loved one and they turn around and wrap their arms around you and may even cry (they usually cry). Then they spin you around to see your dress and cant stop kissing you. And you don’t feel strange doing this because it is just you two..  It is the sweetest + most quietest moment. This isn’t something you cant or probably won’t get to do at the alter. 

One last reason you may want to consider a First look?

It is non-traditional – which could be a good thing. 

Ideas for being together WITHOUT doing a First Look

Still not convinced on doing the First Look? Here are some other fun alternatives you can do that will bring you together but keeping things traditional!

  1. Hold hands and talk with your backs to each other or around a wall
  2. Give each other a gift and a love note that you get to open at the same time before the ceremony
  3. Pray together with your backs together or around a wall
  4. Do a first look before getting ready



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