5 ways to prepare for your engagement session

Two words – Trial Run! There is a reason I include engagement sessions in most of my wedding packages. This is because it is the perfect opportunity to get to know my couples before the wedding! I love getting to know them on a personal level. Our relationship is not just business! I want to know about them mainly because they are most likely AWESOME but also because it helps me get the most genuine and raw photos. I am able to find out what they like, don’t like, what makes them laugh, what makes them tear up because they are in love.. etc! 

Now wedding time, we aren’t strangers! They know what to expect from me because they already had a trial run! Let’s make that engagement session or “trial run” go smoothly! 

1.) Pick your location

Pick somewhere that is meaningful to you both or don’t be afraid of asking for suggestions! Where is that special location for you as a couple? Where did you fall in love? Where did your favorite memory take place?  Let’s find a location that fits who you both are. If you guys hate hiking and being outside then let’s plan for a lifestyle session at an Airbnb or a coffee shop! The location should be true to who you are and what you guys enjoy doing.

2.) Outfits

Be comfortable! 

We usually feel the pressure of wearing the BEST outfit for photos and most of the time this becomes very stressful. Most of the time you hate what you chose because it isn’t you. Yes, dress up and feel good about what you are going to wear but most importantly wear something that makes you comfortable! If you don’t enjoy wearing dresses and you normally don’t wear them, don’t feel pressured to wear one. Be comfortable, look good and stay true to you. If you do want to try something new then make sure you take it out for a test run on a date or out of town before you wear it for photos! 

Avoid being matchy matchy! Instead naturally choose outfits that go together and compliment each other instead of matching. 

My personal favorite… Bring options and bring your accessories if you aren’t sure. We can pick things out together.

3.) Make a playlist! 

I ALWAYS play music at my sessions, this is an amazing way to help break the ice and make it less awkward. If you guys love a certain type of genre or song then please send me your playlist! What songs do you listen to together that just make you want to dance? Do you have a specific song that reminds you of each other? I love being able to use music to get you guys in the mood of being in love, dancing, being goofy, laughing. All of it!! 

4.) Hair and make-up

If you are having your hair and make up done professionally for your wedding, then chances are they may offer you a trial session! Ask if you can use this trial session for your engagement. This helps you feel confident for your session and allows for some play time before the big day! 

If they don’t offer it or you would like more of a natural look then the same thing applies as it does to your outfits. Be comfortable! If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup then don’t feel pressured to go heavy for pictures. A tip that I can offer is to use foundations that are good for less bounce back, like Revlon photo focus! Don’t forget to bring it for touch ups! 

5.) Enjoy this time together! 

Make this an all day event for both of you! We tend to stress so much over the details and we forget the whole point of why we do this. This is about you both and celebrating something amazing together. 

Ways that you can make this day less stressful: 

-Pick out your outfits and pack everything up the day before. 

-Do something fun together before getting ready

-Trust your photographer. This is why it is so important to form a relationship with your photographer first! Make sure that you are a right fit and things will go so smoothly and you will be able to relax and enjoy everything. 

One of my favorite tips is :

// Make the whole day an event! //

Why? We tend to stress over all the details the day of, things get hectic and before you know it you’re both on edge on the car ride to your session. This makes it harder to enjoy the session and be all lovey dovey! 

Ways to make the day less stressful and enjoy it:

  • Pick out your outfits and pack everything up the day before
  • Do something fun together before getting ready – this could be going out to a coffee shop together and having a little date! 
  • Make a playlist of all your favorite songs and play it on your car ride to your session
  • Trust your photographer. Make sure that you are a right fit and things will go so smoothly and you will be able to relax and enjoy the whole process of your engagement session!

Kenna’s top locations for engagement sessions in Kentucky:

  • The Parklands – If you are looking for a park in Louisville KY with lots of options from fields, to tall grass to a creek.
  • Otter Creek – If you enjoy hiking along a creek near Brandenburg KY, this location is amazing!
  • Red River Gorge – Forever my favorite location. This gives me the mountain feels that I miss about living in CA. So many options like hiking, waterfalls, natural bridge, views.. All of it!
  • Falls of the Ohio – This is a state park in Indiana right outside of KY that has a beautiful spot by the river!
  • Bernheim Forest – This is a favorite of most of my clients. Just a fun place to explore. Plus this is where Colin and I got engaged!



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